The world of solar is always in motion. We spend a lot of time soursing the best products available in the market. Below an overview of products we supply.

Solar panels.

We have several brands of solar panels for all kinds of applications. Our product range is made from mono or poly cristallijne modules and Thin film (CIS) solar panels. Read more…


Inverters make the Dc power ready for the end consumers and change it to 230VAC. For different systems we use different inverters. Read more…


Off grid solar and backup

Off grid and backup systems are used in rural areas and place swhere the grid is unstable. For these we have all kind of systems available. Read more…


Mounting structures

For mounting on roofs, Carparks and free fields please check our following page. read more….

Pile driver for solar installations

For the ramming of piles we have the Orteco Smart 800 pile ramming machine in Ghana for rent. for any work in road safety fencing or solar ground mount we can assist and supply our pile ramming machine. Read more….