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Solar panels                                                

solarpanel-bannerWe have several brands of solar panels for all kinds of applications. Our product range is made from mono or poly cristallijne modules and Thin film (CIS) solar panels. Read more…

inverter-bannerInverters make the Dc power ready for the end consumers and change it to 230VAC. For different systems we use different inverters. Read more…





Off Grid and Backup

solax-hybrid Off grid and backup systems are used in rural areas and place swhere the grid is unstable. For these we have all kind of systems available. Read more…





Solar Pumps

pumps-bannerSolar pumping systems are available for a large variaty of applications. We can deliver surface and submersible pumps for small rural drinking water usage up to large scale agriculture systems for land irrigation and lifestock water supply Read more…  







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